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My name is Daniel St.Pierre, and yes, that's me on the right at the peak of my life - when I turned 46 years old after I lost over 35 pounds on the Daniel Fast!

I am living proof the program works...

Let me ask you an important question right away so we can get to the point faster: If you knew a Simple & Biblical way to Lose Weight, would you try it?

If you answered a definite Yes than You may be the right person for this life changing opportunity. Keep reading to find out how this extraordinary offer is different than any other weight loss program out there...

Let's say you already tried other commercial weight loss methods that failed at helping you reach your goal. Now, your confidence is shot and you feel robbed of your time, energy and money, right?

Your weight has been up and down, but mostly up and now you're fed up and ready to take on the challenge, but you need a reliable tool you can use to make sure, absolutely sure this will be the last diet program you try.

You need a program that's proven to work, not only for others on TV, but for YOU.

You need a program that's truly time tested, a weight loss program with tens of thousands of success stories. You need a program that is documented in the bible, because you know it's the only book that can REALLY be trusted.

Sounds Familiar?

If this is your scenario, you're not alone! The fact is most people who strive to lose weight actually believe any program will work as long as they try hard enough. But, when they fail, they feel responsible for the failure, then sink deeper into depression and eventually, gain even more weight.

What's different about this Life Changing Program is, it's not just a diet; It's a complete fasting program backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't LOVE how this programs improves your life, by all means do get a full refund!

What Will You Be Eating ON The Daniel Fast?

The answer to this is both surprising and really simple: WHATEVER YOU WANT! That's right! Because this weight loss program focuses on shrinking the size of your stomach while boosting the amount of fiber and antioxidants in your body, it if literally life changing.

Here are just a few of the succulent meals you will be eating on the Daniel Fast:

A Program So Divinely Powerful, The Prophet Daniel Used It To Fight Lions!

That's right! If you don't know the story, it's very compelling. The bible teaches us that the prophet Daniel entered into a wager with King Darius with landed the prophet in the lions' den, and after 30 days, thanks to this fast named after Daniel, he survived his battle versus the hungry lions.

Proven scientifically, and based on the bible, the Daniel Fast is unlike any other program out there. It's a fact , the Daniel Fast will not only help you physically, but spiritually as well.

The Daniel Fast will help you:

    • Lose and/or Maintain an Ideal Weight
    • Boost your Immune System
    • Eliminate Stress
    • Improve Digestion

If you're wondering how to successfully lose weight while improving your overall health, this is the moment you've been waiting for. A life changing opportunity backed by the holy bible arranged in a simple step-by-step system that's certain to help you reach or surpass your goals, one confident step at a time.

A question I get all the time is, what's in the ebook?

The ebook is packed with valuable information about fasting, but more importantly, my exclusive Daniel Fast ebook includes:

The Daniel Fast - A Biblical Weight Loss Program    • Types of Fasts

    • Fasting Applications

    • Facts about Fasting

    • Preparing To Fast

    • Stages Of Fasting

    • The Healthy Way To Fast

    • Who Should Not Fast?

    • Tips On Fasting

    • Biblical Foods

    • The Complete Daniel Fast Program

    • And Much More!

Are you curious to find out how much this program costs? Put it this way. The Daniel Fast ebook which includes a complete weight loss program will cost you LESS than lunch at McDonald's!!!

Plus, since the ebook comes in a user friendly PDF format, it's compatible with ANY device...

That's right! This program can be downloaded from any web ready device connected to the internet, including iPhones, iPads and Android Device! After you download your ebook, you can read it on a computer, tablet or smart phone, or you can print the high quality PDF document as you would a standard book - It's up to you!

I have a quick question for you. How much time, energy and money have you wasted on other programs that resulted in failure? Those days are over! Only a fool trips over something that's behind him! Today is a NEW day...

Plus, since it's written by an established Christian minister & prayer counselor, this program comes with the assurance you will NOT get robbed.


What sets this biblical weight loss program apart from other secular diets is you'll start losing weight right away!

Unlike other programs that require weeks of commitment, you can give the Daniel Fast a try for only a few days and find out its impact on your life, before you fully commit to the 30 day fast.

No other program produces results in such a short time, rather they require that you stick to their program for at least XX number of weeks during which your free trial likely expires, then your credit card is charged enormous amounts of money, which you attempt to recover when you realize you've been scammed.

But this program is different!

This exclusive biblical program contains everything you'll need to lose weight and increase your overall health! Now, read and watch carefully what past and current participants have to say about the Daniel Fast and how it's impacting their lives...

"I Absolutely 100% Recommend It!"

"I found the ebook well written and the information in the book helped me lose 18 pounds in less than 1 month. Best of all, the fasting program is based on the bible, which as a believer is very important to me. I was BLOWN AWAY when I found out there's more to fasting than drinking water and starving yourself. Did you know there are all kinds of fasts? I absolutely 100% recommend you download the Daniel Fast.The price is right and the outcome, well, that's priceless!"

- Katie L. (Miami Shores, FL) -

"I Lost 12 Pounds In 5 Days!"

"This has to be the best investment I ever made.
I had doubts but the ebook delivered. This is the first time
I actually feel I received 100X more than I paid for.
I've been given a second chance at life - Thank you Daniel!
I wish I found out about the Daniel Fast years ago…"

- Jeffrey L. (Boston, MA) -

"Download It Today! You'll Be Glad You Did!"

"Hello, I wanted to praise "The Daniel Fast" ebook for life changing insight on fasting that helped me lose over 30 pounds! Download it today! You'll be glad you did!"

- Lisa M. (Lexington, KY) -

"I Lost 28 Pounds In Less Than 2 Months!"

"Thank you so much Daniel! Your ebook completely changed my life. Thanks to you and the Daniel Fast program I lost 28 pounds in less than 2 months. I could have never done this without you Daniel, I praise God for your work & your devotion
to serving Jesus Christ."

- Anna H. (Reno, NV) -

"You Have Nothing To Lose, Except A Few Kilos!"

"After the tremendous success I experienced on the Daniel Fast, I felt obligated to share my opinion about this awesome ebook. First off, the price is ridiculous when compared to the value of the information in the book. If you're like me, you spend more money on coffee in one day that the price of the ebook. Then, there's the research that went into this ebook. I learned so much about fasting, I can't believe how little I knew about fasting before I read this book. Lastly, there are the results - Thanks to the Daniel Fast, You're looking at a NEW MAN! There's no debating the ebook is an epic work, and in my opinion, the best, EASIEST weight loss program out there. Plus, it's biblical! How can you go wrong! It's been tested for thousands of years! Don't just take my word for it. Download the ebook, it comes with a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, except a few kilos..."

- Chad B. (Cardiff, UK) -

"Surprising Value For The Money!"

"The information in the ebook
is very well laid out and easy to use.
It's a surprising value for the money.
People should know there are better ways
to lose weight than NutriSystem...
This is one of them!"

- Holly F. (Baltimore, MD) -

"I Promise You Won't Be Disappointed!"

"If you've been trying to lose some weight, and can't decide which program to try, the Daniel Fast is definitely something you should consider. Why? 3 reasons. #1, it's backed by the bible. #2, it's simple. You won't have to count points or keep a food log or whatever. And #3, it's the cheapest way to lose weight since it focuses on juices, fruit, veggies and of course, water. Download the Daniel Fast now, I promise you won't be disappointed."

- Pete D. (Houston, TX) -

Past and current participants agree, this is the best online investment you will ever make. This program is both 100% exclusive and 100% proprietary. This weight loss program is not only biblical, it's proven scientifically!

Did you know over 73% of Americans adults are considered obese? Your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss is... Procrastination!

One of the most important lessons you should learn about this program is it's proven to work, period. The only thing you will lose is WEIGHT, it's that simple!

Lose Weight - Not Your Shirt!

The Daniel Fast is not only one of the most powerful weight loss programs out there, because I produced it as a ministry outreach, it's also the most affordable program available today!

At under $10, the Daniel Fast ebook can be yours INSTANTLY!

Never before has the information in this ebook been available for instant download, at such an affordable price.

Why is the price so low?

The Daniel Fast was written with sacrificial service in mind, rather than profit. Since the ebook's content and ensuing program are derived from the bible, a free divinely appointed resource, I felt no need to charge an exorbitant price for my work.

Download the Daniel Fast now for under $10.00! That's right! For a limited time, the ebook can be yours for less than the price of a fast food meal. Click below to download your ebook instantly:

Download The Daniel Fast Now!

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If you prefer downloading this life changing ebook for your Kindle device, it's now available on the Amazon web site; Download The Daniel Fast Kindle Edition Here (ASIN: B00HNFKQEA).

Act Now!

Remember, your order comes with a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee which comes with no strings attached. Here's the iron clad guarantee:

Your Daniel Fast eBook
Come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Blogging Business Coaching Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you consider "The Daniel Fast" program
does not meet or surpass the benefits explained herein,
simply place your request for a FULL REFUND
within 30 days of your purchase.

My hope for you is that you will allow this exclusive ebook to help you reach or surpass your goals this year, for the glory of our Lord.

Download The Daniel Fast Now!

May God pour out His blessings upon You and Yours,

Daniel St.Pierre

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