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Salmon a la Solomon
A light lunch that's easy to prepare and certain to please most anyone's taste buds.

Though this low calorie high protein meal can also be served as a dinner entree, we feel the preparation time and tremendous versatility are best suited for lunch.

Solomon's Salmon features Atlantic salmon filets baked to perfection atop a bed of lightly flavored white rice.

This salmon can also be served along side a salad or with flavored noodles.


Salmon a la Solomon (Prep & cooking time: 30 minutes)
Start out by cooking your rice unless you are using precooked or instant rice in which case, wait until your salmon is halfway cooked.

You can flavor your rice anyway you like however, we find a combination celery salt, fresh cut parsley and a dash of lemon zest add just enough flavor to complement the salmon.

To prepare your fish, lightly sprinkle salmon filet with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add chopped garlic to taste and bake in 375 degree oven until meat is flaky. Let salmon cool slightly, peel off skin and serve over rice.

Garnish with a wedge or slice of lemon, maybe some green onion or a few leaves of parsley et voila!

Say grace & enjoy!

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