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Holy Raspberries
This week's breakfast dish features a tasty seasonal delight: Raspberries!

Topped with a white wine raspberry mimosa, this colorful breakfast combines sweet and sour all in one.

Our Holy Raspberries breakfast consists of fresh berries, a raspberry mousse and chocolate muffin, a raspberry tart and a raspberry infused mocha coffee.


Holy Raspberries (Prep & cooking time: 45 minutes)
Start out by preparing your tart dough (flour, baking powder, egg and milk). Cut in circular shape and bake in muffin pan so to create a bowl shaped crust. Bake until golden. The filling for your tarts is made of whipped cream, a few fresh raspberries and a touch of raspberry liqueur. Top with chocolate flakes.

Your raspberry mousse muffins are actually a combination of ice chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and raspberry mousse. Start out by preparing a chocolate cake mix (flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, egg and milk) to be baked in a muffin pan. While baking chocolate cakes, whip heavy cream using fresh raspberries and a little sugar. Cut cakes in thin slices, layer with vanilla ice cream, top with raspberry mousse and thin layer of raspberry whipped cream from tarts. Refrigerate until serving time.

Last but not least, your beverages. Your raspberry mimosa is actually closer to a sangria without the citrus. Mix two parts chilled white whine with one part raspberry juice, add fresh raspberries as garnish. Your raspberry infused mocha coffee is a simple cup of coffee aromatized using raspberry liqueur, a touch of cocoa powder and some raspberry whipped cream sprinkled with a little more bitter cocoa powder.

Say grace & enjoy!

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