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The Daniel Fast - A Biblically Driven eBook by Daniel St.Pierre


NEW! The Daniel Fast by Daniel St.Pierre
It's never been easier to Honor Your Temple for God's Glory!

We give praises to the Lord for this powerful New biblically driven ebook by our ministry founder Daniel St.Pierre titled "The Daniel Fast."

This ebook is more than a beautifully written, healthy living guide, it's a complete Fasting manifesto certain to educate and prepare you for a Life Changing experience...

Click Here to Download "The Daniel Fast"
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Need a Dish Inspiration?
Are you looking for bible inspired dishes for your restaurant or home kitchen? If so you came to the right place, welcome to the Biblical Cooking website. We invite you to browse through our user friendly website and find out how easy biblical cooking can be.

For starters, why not become familiar with actual biblical ingredients? We did the homework and came up with a detailed list of biblical foods that are not only acceptable to God, they are encouraged! Click here for more >>

Delicious bible inspired meals certain to help you start the day just right. Did you know "anatomically" breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Miss breakfast and you'll miss out!
Nutritious mid-day meals that are not only easy to prepare, they're godly! Honor your temple by eating high energy fresh foods certain to help you get through the afternoon.
Finger food reinvented as tiny culinary art forms. Try our tasty righteous snacks or make your own using biblical ingredients that honor our Lord's creation, not man's.
Healthy meals featuring God's living gifts to mankind. Yes! We are called to kill and eat, and so we shall! Find hearty dinner ideas for you and your family to indulge in, for God's glory!
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